What haircut should I get?

We kidnapped Hollywood hair expert Leonardo DiBarbiere to give you an answer.
One pic and we'll tell you all:

Hey!? Why should I give you my photo? I don't know you!

Well, we kidnapped the best Hollywood haircutter they had. Just 4 hours ago.

We want to put him to good use. Share with people, as they say.

So, while we have him (and he constantly wants to fall asleep) we'll make sure you can get his advice on:

  1. How to style your current haircut best.
  2. Three good haircuts for you with details on:
    • Why it will fit you well.
    • Advice how to style it.
    • How to cut the hair.
  3. Plus, Leo will rate your current cut and style.

As did for one of our guys(we'll drop the Jake's comment). Check it here:

But I'm a woman!?

He said he loves women! (We didn't want to continue this dialog though)

But he showed us the haircut he did for a famous star... We were impressed.

Check one here:

Get Advice While We Have Him 👆

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